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PLEASANT HILL, Oregon - "Come on and see The Bus," ordered Mountain Girl over her shoulder as she rushed hell-for-leather down the back.
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It came from a man clad in hunting boots reaching to his neck, who had emerged. She pointed her hand down to the bottom of the hill, where Louisville lay.

Guest Lecture: "710 Ashbury" by Carolyn 'Mountain Girl' Garcia

She had never been there; but once, before she was born, her great—grandfather, old Gore Tantrum, had gone into the settlements in the company of two marshals, and had never come back. So the Tantrums from generation to generation, had learned to dread civilization. The man was amused. He laughed a light tinkling laugh, the laugh of a Philadelphian.

Mountain Girl and the _Magic Trip_ : A Conversation with Carolyn Garcia

Something in the ring of it thrilled her. She drank off another dipper of whiskey. She raised her foot and pointed her big toe toward the woods. Old Tantrum air my old man. The man from the settlements thanked her and strode off. He was fairly vibrant with youth and personality.

As he walked along he whistled and sang and turned handsprings and flapjacks, breathing in the fresh, cool air of the mountains.

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She sat down on the grass and counted her toes. She counted eleven. She had learned arithmetic in the mountain school. Ten years before a lady from the settlements had opened a school on the mountain.

Jemina had no money, but she had paid her way in whiskey, bringing a pailful to school every morning and leaving it on Miss Lafarge's desk. Miss Lafarge had died of delirium tremens after a year's teaching, and so Jemina's education had stopped. Across the still stream, still another still was standing; It was that of the Doldrums. The Doldrums and the Tantrums never exchanged calls. Fifty years before old Jem Doldrum and old Jem Tantrum had quarrelled in the Tantrum cabin over a game of slapjack.

Jem Doldrum had thrown the king of hearts in Jem Tantrum's face, and old Tantrum, enraged, had felled the old Doldrum with the nine of diamonds. Other Doldrums and Tantrums had joined in and the little cabin was soon filled with flying cards. Harstrum Doldrum, one of the younger Doldrums, lay stretched on the floor writhing in agony, the ace of hearts crammed down his throat.

Jem Tantrum, standing in the doorway; ran through suit after suit, his face alight with fiendish hatred.

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Old Mappy Tantrum stood on the table wetting down the Doldrums with hot whiskey. Old Heck Doldrum, having finally run out of trumps, was backed out of the cabin, striking left and right with his tobacco pouch, and gathering around him the rest of his clan. Then they mounted their steers and galloped furiously home.

That night old man Doldrum and his sons, vowing vengeance, had returned, put a ticktock on the Tantrum window, stuck a pin in the doorbell, and beaten a retreat. A week later the Tantrums had put Cod Liver Oil in the Doldrums' still, and so, from year to year, the feud had continued, first one family being entirely wiped out, then the other. Every day little Jemina worked the still on her side of the stream, and Boscoe Doldrum worked the still on his side. How wonderful the stranger had been and how oddly he was dressed! In her innocent way she had never believed that there were any civilized settlements at all, and she had put the belief in them down to the credulity of the mountain people.

She turned to go up to the cabin, and, as she turned something struck her in the neck. It was a sponge, thrown by Boscoe Doldrum—a sponge soaked in whiskey from his still on the other side of the stream. The stranger was talking to her father. Gold had been discovered on the Tantrum land, and the stranger, Edgar Edison, was trying to buy the land for a song. Get exclusive discounts and hear about new product launches.

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For the Body Soap Bars. Limited Edition Aromatic Spritzers. Shop by skin type Sensitive. Smells Like Clean Spirit. Aloha and Mahalo Nui Loa,. Also in Smells Like Clean Spirit. This June, I took a road trip to a special place to revel in the aroma and beauty of It was my last time trying to put our kid carrier backpack to use. And it was also a point from which we started doing longer and more difficult hikes. From age three and up, she has hiked so much and climbed so many of Slovenian peaks, I probably have not done up to my twenties.

She also started going ski touring with us around age 4.

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Which for me is one of the most beautiful and rewarding mountaineering activities. Below are random pics aged between 3 and 6 years. We have also hiked in other countries. The most remarkable thing of which we have done, probably being Annapurna base camp trek. In the fall of we spent three weeks in Annapurna region of Himalayas. With at the time 4 year old Sunny kid we reached Annapurna base camp and then continued to do another trek to Poon hill. Last summer we were trekking in the Spanish part of Pyrenees with a friend of ours. It was an amazing experience that we will repeat for sure. We do plan to add a part of our A few pics from amazing land of lakes. This year she has done a great amount of hikes, also ones rated very difficult and some via ferratas. In Slovenia and abroad. If you could help this kiddo get some good mountaineering clothes and equipment or would be ready to sponsor her as a promising passionate young climber and mountaineer please let us know on kosir. So yes. I am a proud mum.

And a really happy one, cause I can share my love for nature, for staying outdoors, for adventures and for the mountains with my daughter. Her physical strength and endurance are amazing and remarkable, but even more than that, her love for the mountains and the determination and passion she shows on long hikes, climbs and treks. You can read all about it HERE. Can you help us hike the globe? And simultaneously help our project of reconnecting children and nature?

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